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The Atlantic LGR Dehumidifier from Dry Air Technology takes the design and performance standards of low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers to a new level. The Atlantic LGR combines the best engineering characteristics of existing LGR dehumidifiers into a single unit, while adding innovations that improve efficiency, performance and physical design.

  • Superior Recuperative Design
  • Advanced Low Grain Refrigerant
  • Rapid Hot Gas Defrost
  • Compact Design
  • Multiple Filter Options
  • Ductable Inlet and Outlet
  • 10 Year Warranty

The Atlantic LGR employs the superior “recuperative” LGR design and boosts the performance by utilizing a technogically advanced metal heat exchanger module that improves efficiency and enhances air flow.

The refrigeration system of the Atlantic LGR incorporates the latest advances in refrigeration technology to improve the performance and reliability of this fundamental component of every refrigerant dehumidifier.

The defrost system of the Atlantic LGR, essential for continued performance in lower grain environments, is a “hot gas bypass” design that swiftly melts ice formation on the cooling coil, and returns the unit to dehumidification mode. This occurs in a fraction of the time of the simple fan-defrost system that can sacrifice more than 25% of dehumidification operation time on this essential function.




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