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Height 41.1"
Width 20.4"
Depth 22.0"
Weight 142 lbs
Amps 7.5
AHAM (80 ºF, 60%) 140 pints
Air Flow 330 CFM
Filter Dimensions 16" x 20" x 2"
Powercord 20 feet
Defrost Control Yes
Hot Gas Bypass Yes
Automatic Pump Out Yes
Heat Exchanger Metal
Housing 18 Gauge Stainless Steel

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The Atlantic LGR also incorporates several physical design innovations. The overall width of the unit is four inches (16%) narrower than competitive units. This is achieved by drawing the wheels into the cabinet, which makes the Atlantic LGR more maneuverable, especially through narrow entryways and staircases. This design innovation does not cause an increase in the overall height and depth of the unit, so the Atlantic LGR is easy to store in trucks and warehouses, and will easily fit in locations designed to carry competitive any units.

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The rugged ABS skid panel on the Atlantic LGR makes loading and unloading simple and protects the unit from scratches and abrasions. The control panel plus the power and drain hose connections of the Atlantic LGR are nested into the back panel for added protection and convenience. The detachable power cord and drain hose store easily inside the hinged top. This eliminates dangling cords and hoses

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The Atlantic LGR is designed to use a variety of effective and affordable media filters. Available filters will range from MERV-8 (25-35% ASHRAE 52.1) to MERV-14 (95% ASHRAE 52.1) with a true HEPA filter potentially available in the future.

Although certified test results are not yet available, preliminary testing indicates the Atlantic LGR Dehumidifier from Dry Air Technology will remove over 140 pints per day at AHAM (80º, 60%) conditions, and will produce exceptional grain depression over a variety of conditions, while drawing less than 7.5 amps of electricity.



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