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• High Pressure Wash
• Full Washdown Design
• Scrub with Detergents
• Decontaminate with anti-microbials
• 68% More Airflow*
• 48% Less Amps
• Durable, Lighweight Polyethylene Shell
• Designed for easy maintenance
• Interlocking ribs for stacking vertically
• Optional Stainless Steel Stand
• 10 Year Warranty
*Compared to the best selling centrifugal air mover

Finally, there is an air mover that can be used in a contaminated area, and then be fully washed down and decontaminated without the fear of damaging the equipment or voiding the warranty. The Clean Force is the first air mover designed for full washdown and decontamination. The fear of cross-contamination from your air movers is gone, and the need for a “special” air mover inventory for containments is over.

The Clean Force is ideal for all situations where aggressive cleaning of the equipment will be desired: Mold remediation, gray and black water category water damage restoration, fire restoration, dirty and grimy locations. The motor assembly is a special washdown model that will resist water entry from pressure washing and drain internal condensation. The IP68 conduit and connections, designed for submersible applications, protect the wiring to the motor. These components are combined with an IP67 power switch that is dust-tight and water-proof.

Whether spraying with a hose or a high pressure washer, the Clean Force is designed for aggressive cleaning. Spraying or scrubbing, everything short of submerging will not harm the Clean Force.

The Clean Force is ideal for decontamination with your favorite anti-microbials, even when they require longer dwell times.

The Clean Force does not sacrifice performance or versatility for the washdown features. Use the Clean Force whenever a high volume, low amperage air mover is required.