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• Draws only 2.5 amps
• Run up to 6 fans on a 15 amp circuit
• 68% More Airflow*
• 48% Less Amps
• Durable, Lighweight Polyethylene Shell
• Designed for easy maintenance
• Interlocking ribs for stacking vertically
• Optional Stainless Steel Stand
• 10 Year Warranty
*Compared to the best selling centrifugal air mover

The Gale Force is a breakthrough in structural drying. With more CFMs and less amps it is the best choice for the latest “in-place” drying techniques. With only 2.5 amps per unit, contractor setup hassles are a thing of the past and the reduced heat load on the environment lets the dehumidifiers create even drier air, resulting in overall faster drying time than what can be achieved with a standard carpet dryer.

NEW! Gale Force Performance Pitch

We teamed up with the Dewald Drying Institute to analyze the factors that impact the drying efficiency of axial air movers. Our testing revealed striking results:

Wall Angle
Placing the Gale Force at a 30 degree angle will maximize drying performance. This contradicts the previous belief that air movers should be placed at a 45 degree angle to the wall.

Fan Pitch
The highest overall velocities were achieved using a 1.5” pitch. Through our findings, Dry Air Technology determined that this precise pitch should always be implemented therefore prompting the Gale Force Performance Pitch design.

Drying Area
The actual drying area achieved is your ultimate objective. In this test, the carpet was soaked and extracted. The drying area was measured after 30 hours.

The drying area of a standard Gale Force and a Gale Force with the performance pitch modification placed at 30 degree angles to the wall compared to the Phoenix Axial fan placed at its recommended 22.5 degree angle to the wall produced a drying area over twice the size.






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