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Technical Data
Amps: 2.5
Air Flow: 2260 CFM
Blade Size: 16"
Motor: 1/4 HP
Frequency: 60 Hz
Powercord: 20 feet
Stackable: Yes
Height: 22"
Width: 21"
Depth: 16"
Weight: 34 lbs

There are three things to consider about structural drying:

1. More air movement is better. One of the industry's most colorful instructors likes to ask this simple question of his students, "What are the three most important elements of drying?" His answer, "Air movement, air movement, air movement!" While restoration professionals know that there are many factors that must be balanced to achieve a good drying environment, you must evaporate moisture faster .

2. Less amps means an easier setup. Why do some jobs end up with less air movement than the ideal? Because lots of air movement can be difficult to achieve due to the limited power available on many sites. The simple solution is the Gale Force. At 2.5 amps, tripping breakers is a thing of the past.

3. Less heat makes dryer air. How many times have you come back to a job on day two or three to find it very, very hot? This may feel like a good drying environment, especially with lots of air movers swirling the air around. After all, everyone has always told you heat dries. But your dehumidifiers are working hard in that heat just to squeeze a few more drops of water from the air. If you could just back off the heat a little bit those dehumidifiers would achieve a lower grain depression, and that dryer air will help dry that structure faster. The super energy efficient motor in the Gale Force adds a fraction of the heat you would get from a typical carpet dryer. That reduced heat load lets your dehumidifiers work better, giving you dryer air and a more rapid job completion.

What do these three things add up to? The reason more professionals have switched to the Gale Force than any other air mover. The Gale Force from Dry Air Technology delivers more air than any other unit on the market. Plus, it runs on less amps than the competition. For you, this means more units per circuit, and we all know that means more rental income for your business, especially when the jobs are drying faster. See for yourself what the rest of the industry is already talking about. We're certain you'll love it.




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