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Any time you find something that really works, it evolves to another level. The new MAX Force is a brute, delivering maximum air to tackle the toughest job. Designed to push large volumes of air through ducting, the MAX Force can ventilate and dry out the hardest to reach places quickly and easily. Whether you are blasting an open-air system on the front end of a job, or tackling a hard to reach area like a crawl space, the MAX Force gets it done faster. When you really need to move some air . . . MAX Force it!

The MAX Force is perfect for:
•Moving large volumes of air through ducting for hard to reach hard to reach areas
•Ventilating crawl spaces and attics
•Use on a stand as the center unit in a Vortex Drying System
•Use as a high volume unit for open air drying
•Direct air to hard to reach areas for spot drying
•Use with attachments for negative and positive pressure drying





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