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Heavy Duty Ducting

Use flexible ducting to ventilate small, confined areas where fans cannot reach. Cheap ducting won't last long and you may end up paying more in the long run. Our ductin will outlast many of our competitors because it is made of heavy 13 ounce Coated Polyvinylchloride (PVC) fabric.

Features include:
• PVC fabric is manufactured with Ultraviolet and Self Extinguishing Fire Resistant Properties (NFPA 701).
• Works in temperatures ranging from -20º to 185ºF.
• PVC fabric is excellent for fume removal, dust collection, ventilation and industrial applications.
• Has strong resistance to mild acids, alkalines, alcohols, hydrocarbons (aliphatic), mineral and vegetable oils, oxidizing agents and solvents with low parity.

Extra Thick Wearstrip is designed to handle the toughest ground dragging applications and extends the life of the duct by preventing wear through.
Super Strong Wire-High tensile spring steel will not easily bend, deform or crush. Wire is encased in thick wear strip. We use 0.135" wire in our 12" ducting, and 0.125" wire in our 8" ducting.
Each duct comes with a Quick Release Strap.
Heat Sealed Seams create a smoother surface for better air flow.

Disposable ducting available. Please call for more information.

Built-In Duct Storage Bag

  Stainless Steel Stand

All ducting comes with a self-contained bag that is made out of the same durable material as the ducting. It is convenient for easy storing and carrying.
  Stand is made out of stainless steel and allows you to use the fan in various positions for different applications




Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

These all metal construction couplers are galvanized-coated for corrosion resistance. Couplers are spot welded and feature raised metal ridges for a secure duct connection.

  Available in 8 and 12 inch diameters, these hose clamps securely mount ducting to our ventilators for vertical applications.


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