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Structural Drying Air Movers

In cooperation with the Dewald Drying Institute, we developed the latest air movers designed to dry out structures faster than traditional carpet dryers. The Gale Force is a breakthrough in structural drying and is our best seller! With more CFMs and less amps it is the best choice for the latest “in-place” drying techniques. The Clean Force is the first air mover designed for full washdown and decontamination.

Best used for the latest structural drying techniques in clean water category water damage situations. After proper extraction and with the use of effective dehumidifiers, air movers are used to circulate air to aid in moisture removal of a structure.

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Gale Force

Clean Force

Traditional Carpet Drying Air Movers

Dry Air Technology air movers are conveniently small and extremely lightweight yet powerful enough to create air flow beyond your expectations. They have been engineered to be durable, long lasting and high performing. The whole system has passed the stringent UL water spray tests (UL Standard 507) and the casing has an epoxy coat finish to further reduce any potential for corrosion. Air movers have been rigorously tested for heavy duty use and proudly bear the UL and CUL listings for safety.

Traditionally used to float carpet and to dry floors when carpet pad has to be removed due to black or gray water category water damage.

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